We are a tribe of independent thinkers, accepting our own inner wisdom. 

We forgive our Joy, living in the present moment, fully alive. 

We have faith in our worthiness, radically free to overturn what isn’t working.

We seek spiritual growth, courageously exploring our own path.  

We overcome self-doubt, knowing we are both human and divine. 

We are responsible for our own thoughts, words and actions, unwilling to shrink back and play small. 

We listen with compassion, being courageously vulnerable, without judgment.

We relate to each other, understanding our equality. 

We love ourselves and each other, becoming fully integrated men. 

We trust ourselves and each other, living an abundant life. 

We climb towards our highest possibility, willing to take the road less traveled, together. 

We serve with generosity, seeing divinity in all of humanity, united as one. 
















Helping Men Lift & Strengthen Their Spirit

Barbells & Brothers is a spiritual gym for men, who are rebels, explorers & adventurers,

courageously finding your own spiritual path.

It's where the two seas meet,

from the East and the West.






 We Overcome Self-Doubt, Knowing We Are Both Human & Divine

The battle with self-doubt is real for every man.

I have come to discover on my own personal journey until we see ourselves differently we will always be stuck living a mediocre life.

As your spiritual warrior coach I will help you reimagine yourself and create the life of your dreams. 

 Strengthen Your Spirit





 We Love Ourselves & Each Other Becoming Fully Integrated Men


The most challenging thing to do is to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.

Instead of accepting our humanity and believing in our divinity, we beat the living daylights out of ourselves.

As your spiritual warrior coach I will help you to see your own divinity.

You have greatness in you. Stop beating yourself up for your humanity. 

 Serve With Spirit






 We Climb Towards Our Highest Possibility, Willing To Take the Road Less Traveled, Together. 

Without a clearly defined singular purpose in our lives, we will continue to feel unfulfilled searching for things outside of us to fill that hole.

We all want to make a difference in the world, but most men don't know what their purpose is.

As your spiritual warrior coach I will help you uncover your gifts that you are here to bring to the world so you can live a life that makes you feel fully alive.

A man without a purpose is like a human without breath.

We feel dead inside living in a state of quiet desperation and hopeless. You have an extraordinary dream inside of you.

Don't go to your grave with the dream still inside of you.

Take a chance on yourself and be willing to take that risk today!

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